Civil Construction

Bachema can offer its clients chemical analysis services for the characterization of construction debris and of sustainable construction work (green seal certification).
The classification of waste materials follows the recommendations of Brazilian standard ABNT/NBR No. 10004 with regard to potential risks to the environment and the public health, and proper waste management.

Site Acquisition

During the process of acquisition of a site (mergers and acquisitions), chemical analyses of soil and groundwater are required when applying for environmental permits and/or credit lines, particularly if the subject area is impacted.

Bachema has the expertise and technical capability to support its clients with the analysis of a wide range of organic, inorganic and microbiological contaminants.

Waste Removal

Bachema offers services for the sampling, analysis and classification of soil and waste generated from earthwork, excavation and civil construction, among others.
Classification and characterization, as per Brazilian standard NBR No. 10004, is crucial for the definition of a suitable destination for soil and waste products, so as to preserve the environment and public health.

Asbestos Analyses

Many of the materials used in civil construction, such as finishings, tiles and floorings, may contain asbestos.

The analysis of asbestos in certain types of construction debris is necessary in order to define their environmentally sound disposal.