Waste Materials

According to current Brazilian regulations, all waste materials must be classified for suitable disposal, so as to ensure the optimization of costs and the preservation of the environment and of public health.

The proper destination of (solid, semi-solid and liquid) wastes is regulated by Law No. 12305 of August 2010, in line with the Brazilian National Policy on Solid Wastes.

This law created the National Policy on Solid Wastes, which defines guidelines to prevent and minimize waste generation. It establishes instruments for the suitable recycling and reuse of waste materials with economic value, as well as for the suitable destination of solid wastes that cannot be recycled or reused. This promotes the sustainable development of society.

Bachema has the expertise to conduct chemical analyses for the characterization of waste materials, as per Brazilian standard ABNT/NBR No. 10004. Waste characterization enables its classification in terms of potential risks to the environment and public health, in addition to its proper management.

The applicable regulations are listed next:

  • ABNT NBR No. 10004/04 – establishes criteria for the classification of solid wastes in terms of their potential risks to the environment and human health.
  • Law No. 12305, of August 2, 2010 – institutes the National Policy on Solid Wastes, establishing principles, goals and tools, guidelines for the integrated management of solid wastes (including hazardous wastes), the responsibilities of generators and the government, and applicable economic instruments.


Bachema also offers waste sampling services that are certified by the General Coordination for Accreditation (CGCRE), as per the requirements of Brazilian standard ABNT NBR ISO/IEC No. 17025, for:

  • Liquid and solid industrial wastes.