Treatability Tests

In 2017, the São Paulo state environmental agency, CETESB, published its board decision DD No. 38/2017. Item of this regulation made bench-scale and pilot-scale testing mandatory. Such tests are aimed at assessing the feasibility of a project and at establishing parameters for the design and operation of remediation techniques to be implemented in impacted areas.

Treatability tests can be conducted for water, soil, or a mix of both.

They are crucial in determining the most suitable injectate and the best conditions for its application, for the remediation of various contaminants. Treatability testing can help optimize the amount of injectate for more efficient full-scale results and the complete degradation of pollutants.

Various analytical techniques can be combined to track pollutant (VOC, SVOC, TPH, etc.) degradation, depending on the characteristics of the study area. This can provide a complete assessment of the system, to support the determination of cost estimates and of potential harmful effects.

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