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The website never provides personal data to thirds parties, either for commercial or malicious purposes.

The policy on the treatment of personal data followed by the website is in compliance with all applicable Brazilian regulations.

We take technical and organizational steps to prevent loss, misuse, change, and theft of personal data, as well as access to it, in line with the state of technological access, the nature of the data and the associated risks.

We keep ourselves informed of new technologies to protect your data.
The website uses the means available to ensure the security required to protect its data and systems against deliberate attacks, malicious software programs, etc.

Nevertheless, we feel it is important that all users understand and accept the issues associated with services provided through the internet, due to the open, decentralized and global nature of this communication network.

Therefore, cannot guarantee the invulnerability of its security or the privacy of any data stored in the networks. To the extent allowed by law, will be exempt of any liabilities caused by security failures in its website and any associated consequences.

Cookies and other tools

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Voluntary users

Users that register in Bachema’s networks or website, or at, may request their right to information on the use of data, or ask any other questions online, through the website, or via post:
Rua Agostino Togneri, 115 – Jurubatuba – 04690-090 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil.

Applicable regulations

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are regulated and interpreted according to the law and may be altered at any given time.
Both and any users agree to attempt to amicably solve any eventual disputes that may arise in the development of market relationships.

“The website never provides personal data to thirds parties, either for commercial or malicious purposes.”